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Does BAC overtake Cadets by San Antonio?

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3 hours ago, Cappybara said:

Personally think you're being over dramatic here. Staff aren't going to just go up and leave a stable position for a little more money. And from the many second hand accounts we've seen on DCP (as well as a couple first-hand privately from friends/acquaintances), I don't think it's far-fetched to say some people got tired working for YEA. 

And regardless, blaming/vilifying staff for moving to a better opportunity is dumb. 

In my "real world" profession, we are usually transferred every five to seven years on average. Much of the time it's good for the organization and good for the individual. Ideally when you move on, you bring the gifts of your accomplishments and the wisdom learned from mistakes which is good for all involved. Organizations need to balance stability in leadership along with innnovation. If an organization is healthy, change is good. If the organization is not healthy, that's another matter. 

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9 minutes ago, hardcorpscadets said:

Given the make up BC this year shouldn't really be known as Cadets 3 ?

Huh?  Please explain.  Forget it.  It's probably an attempt at being really clever.  Oh maybe you mean Bluecoats?

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