The Official DCI Southeastern Championship Thread - July 29, 2017

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LOVE the new color at the ending!   

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Folks who are just getting here to see the "big boys" missed a heckuva great first half of shows.  Every one had something to ooh, aah, and cheer over!


Ok, so I saw a little blue flag above one of my posts and wondered, what does this do"?. I think a I just reported myself.    LOL is this sitting in 8th place???

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I love Phantom's show probably more that 90% of the rest of DCP, but there is no way they should be or should finish ahead of the Blue Knights this year.

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I could talk a long time about that show.  

The percussion concerto portion is the freshest thing on the field this season from a musical standpoint.   Mind blowingly good.  

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Some sync and phasing issues with the final guard work but man do those silks look great from high cam.

As a side note, I think BK should do a show comprised of tunes from David Lynch films and go full on Lynch with the visual package.  They do "weird" well.

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