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Blue Devils 2017

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I watched BD on YouTube from DCI Texas (thank you to whoever uploaded it---great job). I'm not a big fan of BD, but their show is a total winner and they will be DCI Champs this year. The "OTL" beginning with the "One-Eyed Sailor" drum ditty sent chills up my spine. Again, I'm not a fan of these "muscle-shirt" uniforms and no hats BUT this is BD's year to lose. No way SCV or CC catches them. Congrats, BD!

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45 minutes ago, 81Freelancers said:

BD is leading the pack by 3 points. I don't think that is going to change in a week. It's a show that fans and judges are really enjoying. 

I agree the fans and judges like it. But BD is in no way leading the pack by three points. I think BD continues to open the gap on SCV tonight, but again still no three point margin. 

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