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24 minutes ago, sched88 said:

Awesome job, Cadets!  Looking forward to next year already where there will be absolutely no influence from GH in your show design.  Can't wait to see what's next.


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I am new to the forums and really only created an account to thank someone for posting such wonderful pictures of the Cadets.  However, this post is so disheartening to me.  You see, my child just spe

JMO I think the entire 2018 Cadets should be inducted into the Cadets Hall of fame for what they have done on and off the field this year. They stood by their corps when many would or could

It is no secret I have been a vocal critic of the corps for at least a decade, mainly because of one persons vision becoming their mission.    Tonight, in addition to the response they got c

9 minutes ago, mkedcifan said:

Not sure if this was answered previously. I noticed a member on the back sideline facing backwards. This member eventually moved into position to move one of their props and then made their way back to the back sideline. Any info on that? Reasoning? Please explain.

cf. George Dixon's previous and correct explanation several pages back. A tuba player was injured recently in the season and an alternate from another section was used to spin the prop the tuba player had done previously. The alternate entered the show for several sets and also provided the cover when the traditionally clad Cadet magically appeared at the end of the show. No difference from Blue Devils little girl several seasons back or Oregon Crusaders child appearance this season. All legit as long as not 155 mms on field.

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20 hours ago, BigW said:

It was tasty. Very very tasty, can see why the crowd got into it.

Which is why Little Debbie Cakes got behind The Cadets and saw their Zebra Cakes soar in popularity.

Little Debbie was nicely generous to the corps whose mms benefited from the crates of these snacks the company shared.  (They evidently are very DCI oriented as the company also makes Devil Squares and Boston cream rolls.)  No the cake is not named after Ms. Torchia.

Coincidentally Metformin stock rose at similar increments.

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I have it from multiple close and reliable sources that corps in '19 will not try to outdo the singing excellence of the 2018 production. Non-aging out choir members were invited to fine tune secondary talents (brass, hands, guard) for next season. Conclusion is that corps may be heading in different direction from last two years.


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