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Favorite 10 Shows Of The 1990s

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Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, I did a search and couldn't find anything related to this. Plus I love a fresh perspective, and I love this era.


Here are mine, ten to one. Don't judge, just submit yours with a short line to explain. :)

10. Phantom 1993

-Powerful, dark, amazing music and movement.

09. Blue Devils 1993

-Maybe the most difficult music book I've ever seen put to field. Performed beautifully IMO.

08. Madison 1995

-In your face LOUD! Will never forget time I saw this.

07. Blue Devils 1994

-I remember watching the PBS broadcast like it was yesterday. Unreal. Man this show was FIRE.

06. Star of Indiana 1991

-Respighi. Enough said.

05. Blue Devils 1995

-So dark, that battery was ON FIRE. Maybe fave BD show ever next to 1992.

04. Santa Clara Vanguard 1999

-The Canyon, the 3 year plan paying off with a disputed tie. Amazing show.

03. Blue Devils 1992

-Nobody does latin jazz but when Blue Devils do, they do it better than anyone.

02. Star of Indiana 1993

-Game changer. Created my love for Samuel Barber and Bartok. The show that resonates today.

01. Santa Clara Vanguard 1992

-Bottle dance. No other words. Changed my life.

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Phantom Regiment 1996

PR 1997

I like dark serious music!

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