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I am working on a DCW article that looks at drum corps either as a positive or negative venue for people who may suffer from depression.  I started this article because of the tragedy of the Broken Arrow band student that fell to his death from the top of the stadium.  I began to research how the marching arts has or could play a role with people who has/have suffered with diagnosed or undiagnosed depression.  So I am reaching out to the community for your help.  The main question is this, do you or do you know of anyone that suffered with depression and how did the corps play a role.  I am not looking to out anyone, so your comments will be anonymous.  I just want to see if my research on this subject meets up to reality.  We have all heard the myriad of stories of how dc saved people from taking a different road in life and how it changed them.  I am looking for similar stories but with people who were or felt depressed and what dc offed them.

I know this is quite a serious subject and I promise that the focus will be handled delicately.

To that end, if you want to reach out to me, please email me at

Thanks for considering my request.

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