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Large triple tenor drums? I remember Charioteers had a huge set as did our corps (Royal Coachmen) in early 70's.


No food trucks BITD.....we ate at McDonald's, Burger King, Red Barn, etc and watching the faces of the workers when 2 to 4 buses pull in....PRICELESS!


Add your memories!

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The Des Plaines Vanguard marched a single tri-drum in 1968. In 1969, they eliminated tenor drums and instead used three tri-drummers.

The Cavaliers marched a single three drum apparatus in 1968. We referred to them as "bubble drums" because they had rounded, clear plexiglass bottoms.

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"Remenber When":

1962:  The first Getzen contra bass bugles arrived.  The Garfield Cadets, Hawthorne Caballeros, the USAF "DC" Corps and our cross town rival St Raphael's Buccaneers were the first to have them.  Garfield actually "Priemired" them first at the Drum Corps News "Masque" standstill in Newark NJ, closely followed by the Buccaneers in the DCN standstill at Boston Garden in Beantown.

1962:  the first use of rudimental bass drums  (At least the first time I ever saw them used), by the Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights.  They replaced two of their tennor drums in mid season with the two rudi bass.

Great memories.    :guinesssmilie:

Elphaba     :flower:

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