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After the 2017 dci season, I realized that Les Stentors is the only active corps out of Canada and Quebec.

However, I learned that there are a few corps in Canada that are planning on joining DCI's open class in the future.

Here is a list of corps from Canada and the divisions that they are in:

Open Class:

Les Stentors Drum and Bugle Corps

DCI Soundsport:

The Diplomats Drum and Bugle Corps

Les Titans de Quebec Drum and Bugle Corps

Corps that aren't in soundsport but are working to come back to DCI:

The Blue Saints Drum and Bugle Corps

Are there any other Canadian/Quebec corps out there? If you know any, please list them below!

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Have not some of the Calgary units shown at Soundsport and DrumBattle? (I know it seems a Federation away.)

And Bloo certainly have several Canadians/iens on faculty to rate being its own Province or Territory.:whistle:

PS Cadets too, mms and Lee Beddis


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