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Happy New year! Let's dedicate the first week of 2018 to the 2 newest additions to World Class. 

Considering we only have 10 years or so of repertoire to choose from for each corps- give me your one favorite show from each group and tell me what you are looking forward to seeing from them in 2018.

No least favorites this week. I don't want to pick on the new guy.

You can go into as much or little detail as you like but please please try to keep things positive.

For a quick recap in case you missed it and/or want to add your contributions:

Week 1- Cavies- 2006 the Machine is the favorite and 2012 15 min of fame is the least favorite.

Week 2- Jersey Surf- 2012 Bridgemania favorite

Week 3- Blue Knights-1994 Trittico for bras band favorite. least  2001Blue Toons

Week 4- Spirit of Atlanta- 1980 favorite

Week 5- Carolina Crown- Favorite: 2015 Inferno; Least Favorite: 2017 ...It is

Week 6- The Mandarins- 2017 inside the ink for favorite.

Week 7- Boston Crusaders- 2000 RED is the favorite.

Week 8- Pioneer- 1996 Celtic Twilight is the favorite.

Week 9- Santa Clara Vanguard- 1999 Inventions for a New Millennium favorite. 1995 Not the Nutcracker least favorite.

Week 10- Oregon Crusaders 2014 Nevermore is the favorite

Week 11- The Crossmen- 1992 Songs for the Planet Earth is the favorite.

Week 12- The Cadets- 2011 Between Angels and Demons is the favorite. 2006 The Zone Part II least favorite.

Week 13- Corps that are no longer with us. Everyone gets a trophy!

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Music City 2017 - Tribe 

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2017 - The Other Side of Now

I'm looking forward to the continued improvement of this corps in all captions. I would not be surprised if they made the Top 15 (and thus in Finals, if Cesario's proposal passes) within the next 2 or 3 years.

Music City:

2017 - Tribe

I'm looking forward to what could be a breakout season for this corps, which is in a prime geographical location and is coming off its best show ever.


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Genesis -

Hell Hath No Fury (2016) - while I loved Phantom Revisited (and it directly caused my daughter to march DCI), HHNF was just so sophisticated. That opening movement is just brilliant, and would be from *any* corps.  And those drums - woo!  Man, I want to go listen to that show again now. 


Music City -

Tribe (2017) - no contest.  Just a quantum leap from them in difficulty and execution.  I was so glad to see it score so well - it felt like *everyone* in Open Class last year came away impressed after seeing them.



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Genesis: 2013- “mOZaic”

The corps’ first medalist show, and it left me thinking “Wow, they’re on their way.”

Music City: 2011- “Let’s Dance”

Not an overly sophisticated show, but that’s not always a bad thing. It was an awful lot of fun and jam packed with enjoyable tunes. And if memory serves, this was their first year as a full sized corps. Or at the very least, they were close to full size.

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Gonna have to go with the Tribe by music City. Honorable mention for the Planets.


Genesis 2017 too

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