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1. 2009- “The Factory” I absolutely love this show. A great show with phenomenal music, and paired with a gorgeous uniform (my favorite of theirs).

2. 2014- “Where the Heart Is” I loved this show for the same reasons I loved 2009. Musically, this show had a very similar feel, as well. 

3. 2010- “Houdini” I wasn’t in love with the gray uniforms, nor do I typically go for Phillip Glass, but this show just worked for me. 

4. 2013- “Voodoo: I Put a Spell on You” They took a dark theme and made it surprisingly fun. Great music, and they sported a wonderful uniform.

5. 2008- “Le Tour...Every Second Counts” 2008-2010 was a golden era for the Blue Stars. This was the show that started it all. I wish they’d go back to this style of design.

Least Favorites:

1. 2017- “Star Crossed” Great visual program, but that’s where it stops for me.

2. 2011- “ReBourne” I used to love this show, but over time it kind of lost its pizzazz, for me.

3. 2007- “Power and Grace” A neat update to a classic uniform, but the musical selections felt a little tired. To its credit, this was the start of the Blue Stars’ return to prominence.

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Another corps that doesn't really have a show I dislike.......I'll stick to their move back up to world class, though I'll include the 2005 show which I really enjoyed.   2010 - Houdini, I lov

From the red team to one of the 4 top 12 corps with blue in their name...this week we are headed to chilly Wisconsin to discuss a corps with an extremely interesting history: The Blue Stars. What

Favorite 2010- Houdini show was fantastic!!! Least 2017- The arrangements just didn't do it for me.

Another corps that doesn't really have a show I dislike.......I'll stick to their move back up to world class, though I'll include the 2005 show which I really enjoyed.  

  1. 2010 - Houdini, I love everything about it.  Strong in every caption, amazing visual program, relentlessly intense music program, and all packaged together with a very clever interpretation of Houdini.  Just all around fantastic and IMO should have placed at least one if not two places higher.  Should have fought for that high at least.  
  2. 2008 - Le Tour, same as above though more fun and light hearted for sure.  The fact they were able to take a bike race and interpret that in so many ways visually with so many fun forms and motifs was awesome.  LOVE the french music as well, that version of La Vie en Rose is just to die for.   
  3. 2009 - The Factory, that 08 - 10 run was fantastic.  This is probably my favorite patriotic show.  It does that theme in a way that isn't cliche and is so fresh in the angle it takes.  Probably my favorite of their many amazing color guards.  
  4. 2014 - Where the Heart Is was the perfect Anniversary show for them that year.  Incredibly clever visual program writing the drill around the floorplan and it showcased that amazing 4th place color guard to perfection.  Absolutely loved the ballad.  
  5. 2017 - Star Crossed never really came together as the show I though it could but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.  The Romeo and Juliet portion was fantastic, probably the best of the three parts of the show.  I loved the ballad musically and they fixed what was an incredibly underwhelming ending by seasons end.  Issues aside that brassline......more of that please.  At the three shows I went to last summer, their encore in Belton was one of my favorite moments.  INCREDIBLY pure and just beautiful playing by that brassline.  They're what I want more of.  If the volume can kick up just a little bit more and they get the right show they have everything they need to shoot up.  
  6. 2016 - La Reve was great, I think it's definitely the most successful of the Vegas Cirque style shows they've done the last few years.  I was able to follow the story even if it bordered on a little too complex and overly saturated.  However, that didn't take away from the beginning of that brass line REALLY beginning to play and their usually fantastic guard and percussion.  Loved the ballad as well.  
  7. 2015 - Side Shows visual program was the killer here, tons of rewrites and changes throughout the season really stunted their progress in the back half of the season.  However as always I still found a ton to like.  Another fantastic ballad from them that year and it was sure entertaining even if it was flawed.  
  8. 2012 - The Blue World was a show I loved but that I can now see was just going to never get clean.  Myron Rosander, one of my favorites may he continue to rest in peace, wrote a pretty near impossible visual program for them that year and that definitely bled over into musical performance IMO.  Semis that year broke my heart since they're one of my favorites but I've gotten over it.  I can see both sides of that coin.  In the end it still gave me a show I love to listen to and gets my heart racing when I watch it.  They fought.  
  9. 2007 - Power and Grace is pretty standard but it's still great to listen to and watch.  This was a sign of what was to come next for sure.  
  10. 2005 - Pixelation, The Music of Final Fantasy is just pure fun.  I love love love video game music and this show was full of some great stuff.
  11. 2006 - The Gift of Freedom was a huge leap back into World Class and is a cute show that reasserted themselves back on the main stage.  
  12. 2011 - ReBourne is a show I love love loved at the premier and looking back has not gotten boring but has lost some of its pizazz for my personal enjoyment.  Still an aggressive and exciting show for sure though.  
  13. 2013 - VooDoo did its job to get them back in finals.  Difficulty was dialed back to an attainable level after 2012 and it was much more cohesive even if a little less exciting for me.  Great ballad and fantastic percussion though.  
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2011 ReBourne is definitely my favorite. Action packed and great music. Great percussion book but I would love bigger low brass. Multidimensional prop too. Just a really cool show.

HM for 2013 Voodoo I put a spell on you. 

I would absolutely love to see them do Jaws, chuck mangione, and Malaga in 76.

Don't have a least favorite...but they have a lot of shows I am just meh about 

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2004 will always be my favorite drum corps show ever.

But I also really liked 2016, 08, 09, 06, 05

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Favorite: "Le Tour" from 2008.

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These are in no particular order







Least favorite

2017 liked the horn line but not the musical selections

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 Favorites..... 76

                       2008 .." Le Tour "

                       2009.... " The Factory "


 Least Favorite...... 2013... " Voodoo "


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