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Roger Ellis

Just got an Andalucia Advance Series Phase III Trumpet/Bb Soprano Bugle

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Got a brand new horn yesterday, an Andalucia Advance Series Phase III in silver plate that I won in a contest. It is sold as a Bb trumpet and also as a Bb soprano bugle. It is a large bore (.469) and has a large, heavy bell (the same bell that was used on the King K20 soprano bugle back in the day). It is a BIG change from my everyday trumpet that I have been playing since the fifth grade, an LA Olds French Model. The Olds is a lightweight, bright sounding horn that sizzles. The Andalucia has a much different sound, and can really generate volume. The Andalucia is sensitive to the mouthpiece that I use. It sounds a lot fuller and richer with the 5C that came with it than it does with the mouthpiece that I use with the Olds, a Stork LDS4 that is roughly equivalent to a Bach 7D. I have never played a Bach Stradivarius, but I am told that the Andalucia plays much like the Strad. I would be interested in any thoughts or comments....


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