No Caballeros practice camp in Hudson, NY

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Yesterday (Sunday), my wife and I went up to Columbia County Community College to enjoy a day of watching our favorite Drum Corps practicing and then at the end of the day the full ensemble goes through the entire show and it is our chance to see them up close & personal.  When we got to the school, we were greeted  by a sandwich board sign that said the campus was closed due to electical problems, we drove through the campus to the regular practice area and sure enough, there was no one there.  This is not a complaint, we're just sorry we missed the Cabs because we won't be able to be in Wildwood next weekend, I'm having some medical problems and will be undergoing surgery.  Ann Marie looked on her iPad to try to find the new location of the practice, but it wasn't available on line...at least not to the general public.  Good luck Hawthorne Caballeros in '18 season, we are shooting for the Kingston, NY show, hope to see you blow some faces off with that awesome volume. 

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Cabs spent the weekend up the street at Taconic Hills High School (an even better facility...one I hope becomes a regular thing). We also performed in the parade, and in the park.

Sorry we missed you!

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