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Can someone please help me plan corps style color guard camp (flags)?

There will be 6 experienced girls and 4 brand new. The old ones know the opener, and the new ones just know a few fundamentals from tryouts. We will meet 4 days from 9:00 to noon before band camp week starts, at which time they will work with the band from 9:00 to noon, and then practice alone from 1:00-4:00. I am a band director, not a guard person. We have a capable captain, and occasional outside help, but I need to have a game plan on how much time to spend on fundamentals, and how much time to spend on the opening routine (which actually uses the swing flags). I need to know how to plan these 3 hour blocks for maximum effectiveness, with a mix of fundamentals and the routines (which we have on video broken down by an instructor). The show is from Marching Show Concepts, but I think the routine is from someone else. I know I am asking for free help, but I would like an experienced instructor to answer me.

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