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6 minutes ago, Forevergreen said:

I will second that you are deserving.  I may sound a bit PollyAnna, but we are all deserving of good and you are no exception !!!!   I think it’s so awesome what you are doing and with such a great organization and you - deserving of each other !!!!

He deserves cookies.  :14_relaxed:

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@DrumManTx is writing about his experiences as an intern for Bluecoats!  Congratulations, Landry!  Well done!

I was actually about to post this to explain where I’ve been and introduce myself for real but it seems @Terri Schehr beat me to the punch!   I said it all in the article but I am so lucky to hav

I think it's awesome to have him as part of the Bloo team.  He's learning there's much more to a first-class drum corps than great performers, designers and instructors.  He's getting a GREAT educatio

Just now, Lance said:

that's just awesome

great guy, great corps, perfect match

Perfect for him.  

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2 hours ago, DrumManTx said:

Don’t feel like I deserve any of this attention......but thank you everyone.  So excited for the world to see what these incredible members and staff have been working on for a month.  It’s so inspiring to watch every day.  

I'm excited for you.

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That explains why he hasn't made a prediction for the Predict the Results contest! I figure he'd want to participate again since he came in 3rd last year.

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On 6/19/2018 at 8:16 PM, xandandl said:

as long as you don't say ILL ah noise.


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