The Beanpot, Lynn, MA July 2, 2018

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Very proud - they are hanging in there with the heat. And amused by all the folks going ga-ga over their relative standing so far. Certainly pumped that they're doing better than last year, and enjoyi

For as progressive as Boston is with some elements of their show (costuming, props, etc), they had probably the most straight-forward raw drum corps show of the night. Insane drill, challenging music,

Prior to BAC's show, lots of folks chanted  "Eat em up Boston." Well I would say they didn't eat, the DEVOURED!!!! Amazing show!

Just now, GeorgiaPitMom said:

Thanks! I was able to catch the end. :biggrin:

Can’t wait until Saturday when I get to see the whole show live!! 

I have to wait until 7/15.   Enjoy it.  It goes by very quickly. 

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My son is on the colorguard with Crown ( one of the guys on the big prop). I haven’t been able to see the show live yet... but I will this Saturday:) sooooo excited.  If any you amazing supporters at the show cousin please let me know how Crown does I would greatly appreciate it.   

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Not there, but on periscope it appeared Cadets had a solid run. It was a bit shaky Saturday but looked more locked in tonight, like they are getting their feet a little under better control 

its always amazing how fast all the corps improve these first couple weeks each season!

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