DCI Southeastern Regional - July 28, 2018

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So the only show you connected with was about being stranded, lost and needing help?

I didn't realize she was Norwegian.

Bluecoats - going on after SCV and BD was certainly going to be a challenge, but they rose to the occasion and blew us away. Definitely not a dull moment in this show. Vocalist wasn't as loud as I was

4 minutes ago, Forevergreen said:

Yup. I understand the urban feel, but could have conveyed the look without the ill fit.

####, I never heard the early season of the Mello sustain, I thought it was gonna be overhyped. But no. no. It wasn't overhyped at all. 

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And a little history...they’ve been playing this file beat since I marched. 

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3 minutes ago, Cappybara said:

People have been hyping up BAC all season and they've been sitting pretty in 6th pretty much the whole time. When is the move going to be made? 

Not to diminish Crown’s steady improvement, but BAC  tied Crown in Orlando, and Boston Crusaders have been known to gain momentum in Atlanta and the momentum continues, especially at their home show and Allentown. When will the move be made? It could be tonight, perhaps Chester, possibly Allentown.

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3 minutes ago, mvbailey12 said:

What do you mean  by finals run and persevering through the awful situation that they are in? Are you referencing Pioneer? What is going on?

Go read the "hazing" thread. You can skip to the last few pages. (The thread itself was started years ago.)

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Just now, mvbailey12 said:

Im finding it on another thread. Thanks!


It’s a little disturbing.  Sorry. 

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