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Here's the performance order with times: 7:10 - Skyliners 7:27 - Cincinnati Tradition 7:44 - Bushwackers 8:01 - Sunrisers 8:18 - White Sabers 8:35 - Cadets2 8:52 - Hawthorne Caballero

CT - 36 brass: all brass holes are filled. 40 brass - three tubas, and a trumpet couldn’t make the trip. There were four guard that didn’t make the trip too. Incredible experience for the CT orga

I’m going to be multitasking tomorrow between Peckville on my iPad and Atlanta on my tv. 

8 minutes ago, VOReason said:

I have Bucs...C2...Cabs/White Sabres...Bush/Sun...Cincinatti...Sky.  Cab/White Sabres and Bush/Sun are pickem's.

Here live. Thinking Cincy ahead of Sun. We'll see in a minute or two.


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I also thought maybe Cincinnati would pull ahead one, but otherwise the order seems right.

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Annnnnd back to flomarching until crash out....

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45 minutes ago, BrassSoundsMatter said:

We will make sure everyone gets to see the shows. AND we record everything. 

I know I requested this, but...

Can you actually do that, legally?

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13 minutes ago, Kamarag said:

Yes, you can. 

Just to be clear: they can record, but until / unless they have secured synchronization licenses, how can they "make sure everyone gets to see the shows"? Live streams are one thing, and obviously I hope they take care of any glitches for championships (which I'll be seeing live), but we've heard many times on these forums that the reason that Flomarching or other services don't have even a temporary DVR function is that anything that's not live requires additional licensing.

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Nobody posted the scores, so just for reference:

Open Class

1.  86.950 Buccaneers

2.  85.600 Cadets2

3.  82.825 Caballeros

4.  82.200 White Sabers

5.  76.800 (1.4) Bushwackers

6.  73.100 Sunrisers

7.  72.150 Tradition

Class A

1.  67.70 Skyliners

Bucs were third in guard (behind C2 and Sabers) and first in everything else (except for being second, barely, in the visual g.e. communication subcaption).

At the other end, Sunrisers were notably stronger than Tradition in visual ensemble and visual g.e., while Tradition was notably stronger than Sunrisers in guard, percussion, and music effect.

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Noted penalty.
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