DCI Eastern Classic – Friday, August 3, 2018

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It's like listening to old Drum Corps LPs from the 70s. (on my Fischer Price record player)


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$600 in plane tickets, $400 for the hotel, $125 for the rental car, $50 in tickets ... getting to hug your daughter in the lot instead of seeing her perform in Allentown ... priceless.  OK , not reall

Dump the intermission and the exhibition. Get the shows in, announce the scores, and hit the road. 

dcp in both.. lol posted from the DrumScorps app

4 minutes ago, 1977Kingsmen said:

Audio not so good.

I thought it was me.  Wasted a couple of minutes looking for issues on my end.

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Audio is terrible on Apple TV and surround sound. Ugh. 

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4 minutes ago, FLBuzcut said:

It sounds like it's coming through the AM radio speaker in my parent's Buick when I was 10.

We canceled flo after nightbeats..... and we can’t hear anything :(

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well at least the announcer is coming through loud and clear.


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1 minute ago, BlueStainGlass said:

My guess is Allentown is not the best set up for modern things. 

Hogwash. Last years Allentown sounded fine.

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