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Holy Family Defenders

Blue Rock (already mentioned but wanted to give it another shout out)

Still, Phantom Regiment has got to be the coolest, ever.

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Many people know that the Crossmen were formed in 1975 as a merger corps between two long-time southeast Pennsylvania rivals, the Keystone Regiment and the 507th Hornets. They may also know that the n

Phantom Regiment. Everyone else is competing for second place, IMO. Though I also like 27th Lancers for obvious reasons 

And to think that the name originally under consideration was the Rockford Rangers, a tribute to the proliferation of dutch elm trees throughout the city. Certain members, including Jim Wren, did not

 And what's with blue - Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Blue Knights, Blue Stars, Blue Saints. There are other colors out there, although blue is my favorite.

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8 minutes ago, queenanne_1536 said:

 And what's with blue - Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Blue Knights, Blue Stars, Blue Saints. There are other colors out there, although blue is my favorite.

It's actually an interesting story. In the late 50s, most corps wore either yellow or bright red, which usually signified that they were a non-competitive group. When competitions started, most corps needed a color that would show that they were competitive and not in an amateur class. With red and yellow taken, and no one wanting to wear green (match the field) or white (might get grass on the uniform), that pretty much left blue. The funny day finally happened in June of 1962, at the first competition of the season. None of the corps coordinated, but sure enough, they all showed up in their new uniforms at the first competition of the season, and everyone was not only wearing blue, but had also changed their names to include blue in the name, and then I completely made this whole thing up.

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6 hours ago, Bluzes said:

Pom Poms - All Girls from Pompton Lakes NJ - Hot Pink Attire

The corps from Pompton Lakes was the Lakeland Goldenaires. The Pom Poms where from Pittsfield MA. 

( I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t know this without looking it up. I was curious as my  dad was born in Pompton Lakes and I spent my childhood in Wanaque, the next town over, and didn’t recall a corps from there.  Dad was a volunteer fireman, so my introduction to DC was in the 50s at the many summer firemen’s parades. The Goldnaires apparently formed just after we moved to California. )

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I always liked corps names that creatively have to do with their location or sponsors. 

Bluecoats I think are sponsored in part or named by some law enforcement association, someone correct me if I'm mistaken.

Cascades are an obvious like for me. Perfect name for a corps out in WA.


Magic of Orlando

Glassmen (Toledo is known as the glass city)

Mandarins is a good name for a corps with Asian heritage and history

Pacific Crest is a great name.

Music City for obvious reasons, being Nashville is known as the Music City.

Carolina Crown is also a great name, given that they're in Carolina, and the Carolinas were named for 

"North Carolina was named after King Charles I and King Charles II of England. The name "Carolina" comes from the Latin word "Carolinus," meaning "of Charles." 

so king, crown, carolinas, Carolina Crown is a great fit.


I also believe the Kiwanis Kavaliers were sponsored by the Kiwanis club up there in Canadia.




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17 hours ago, BRASSO said:

 The Media ( Pa ) Fawns

 The Flashing Lassies ( Calif.)

  The Elks Trojans ( N.H. )

   The Thing ( Minn. )

    The Gay Blades ( N.J )

    The Little Wanderers ( R.I )

    The Poughkeepsie Pacers ( N.Y. )

     The Killmen ( N.Y. )

      Satan's Angels ( Ohio )

      The Ballentine Brewers ( N.J.)

       The Shoemakers ( Ma. )

        The Vagabonds ( N.J. )

         The Appleknockers ( N.Y. )

         The Jolly Jesters ( Canada )

          Black Watch ( Wash. )

         Wausau Story ( Wisc. )

         The Woodmen ( Minn. )

           The Orbiteers ( Ma. )

           The Skokie Indians ( Il)

            The Don Juans ( Ma. )

            The Surfers ( CT )

             Dutch Boy ( NY)

            Little Flowers ( N.J. )

            The Peanuts ( N.Y )

            Custer's Brigade ( midwest )

           The Blue Notes ( Ohio)

            The Hamms Indians ( midwest )

             Beatrix ( Netherlands )







not to be picky but weren't Dutch Boy from Kitchner-Waterloo in the Province of Ontario, Canada?  It's near NY State.

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3 hours ago, JimF-LowBari said:

How about Criterions from eastern NY state. Cool name or wth?

I watched them under the lights and loved the hooded executioner with the bullwhip!

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