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35 minutes ago, .dave. said:

I've always thought Santa Clara Vanguard was bad a$$!

How about Des Plaines Vanguard?

and forget if Miami Vanguard or Vanguards

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Many people know that the Crossmen were formed in 1975 as a merger corps between two long-time southeast Pennsylvania rivals, the Keystone Regiment and the 507th Hornets. They may also know that the n

Phantom Regiment. Everyone else is competing for second place, IMO. Though I also like 27th Lancers for obvious reasons 

And to think that the name originally under consideration was the Rockford Rangers, a tribute to the proliferation of dutch elm trees throughout the city. Certain members, including Jim Wren, did not

4 hours ago, jwillis35 said:

Agree. I still do not like it (The Cadets).  I hated it when GH shifted to that name. Garfield Cadets is what many of us remember them by, but I imagine there are some who prefer Holy Name Cadets.  Would love to see them revisit their name.  The Cadets makes me think of West Point Cadets or military Cadets in general. 

At the same time, when it comes to drum corps, there really is only one Cadets. And considering how bulky and awkward it was referring to them as "the Cadets of Bergen County," a name that never really sounded right IMO, switching to just "The Cadets" made the most sense and was better for the sake of branding within the activity.

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20 hours ago, BoyWonder1911 said:

I always liked corps names that creatively have to do with their location or sponsors. 

Bluecoats I think are sponsored in part or named by some law enforcement association, someone correct me if I'm mistaken.

Cascades are an obvious like for me. Perfect name for a corps out in WA.


Magic of Orlando

Glassmen (Toledo is known as the glass city)

Mandarins is a good name for a corps with Asian heritage and history

Pacific Crest is a great name.

Music City for obvious reasons, being Nashville is known as the Music City.

Carolina Crown is also a great name, given that they're in Carolina, and the Carolinas were named for 

"North Carolina was named after King Charles I and King Charles II of England. The name "Carolina" comes from the Latin word "Carolinus," meaning "of Charles." 

so king, crown, carolinas, Carolina Crown is a great fit.


I also believe the Kiwanis Kavaliers were sponsored by the Kiwanis club up there in Canadia.




Blue Devils ... Blue for the VFW color and Devils from Mount Diablo in Concord.

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1 hour ago, dcsnare93 said:

Blue Devils ... Blue for the VFW color and Devils from Mount Diablo in Concord.

sadly no one really knows what the VFW is any longer. 

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1 hour ago, dcsnare93 said:

Blue Devils ... Blue for the VFW color and Devils from Mount Diablo in Concord.

Had no idea about that. That's neat. I always just assumed that they were THE DIVIL

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On ‎8‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 4:57 PM, Photographer Jim said:

The corps from Pompton Lakes was the Lakeland Goldenaires. The Pom Poms where from Pittsfield MA.  

( I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t know this without looking it up. I was curious as my  dad was born in Pompton Lakes and I spent my childhood in Wanaque, the next town over, and didn’t recall a corps from there.  Dad was a volunteer fireman, so my introduction to DC was in the 50s at the many summer firemen’s parades. The Goldnaires apparently formed just after we moved to California. )

Remember Lakeland always associated Pom Poms all in pink being at many local parades in NJ or was that the Stardusters think pink about them to?

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1970 "All Girl Finalists" World Open Championships. MA.


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On ‎8‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 9:44 PM, drumcorpsfever said:

 Old-Time Religion:

Blessed Sacrament 

Holy Name Cadets

Satan’s Angela

MA corps only.     All of these corps are part of Steve Vickers fantastic "A History of Drum & Bugle Corps Vol. I"  They came from the section covering active D&BC between 1921 and 1971.  There is another section that covers 1972 (start of DCI) and 2002, the year the first history book was published.  Steve still publishes his Drum Corps World and you may contact him to see if there are still copies of the two volume's of the history books.  Many of these corps had feeder corps and changed names once the churches stopped funding them, but I tried to just list the older corps.  There were some names I didn't include because I thought they might have been a drill team.   


Saint Kevin's Emerald Knights   Saint Thomas Moore   Saint Mary's Cardinals   Our Lady of Lourdes  Assumption Cadets   Christ Church   Franciscan-aires   Gate of Heaven  

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation   Holy Name Girls   Immaculate Conception Cadets   Immaculate Conception Reveries   Immaculate Conception Marlboro   

Immaculate Conception Rockettes   LaSallette Lancers   Most Precious Blood Crusaders, Cavaliers, Girls, Grenadiers   Sacred Heart Crusaders   Sacred Heart Girls   Sacred Heart Sabres

Sacred Heart Tartans      The following corps names all begin with Saint.   Adelaide Musketeers   Agatha   Aloysius   Aloysius Scouts   Ann's (my Dad's corps)   Anthony's Allston Sr.

Anthony's Diamondaires    Catherine's Girls   Catherine's Kaydettes All-Girl   Catherine's of Genoa Knights   Catherine's Senior   Cecilia   Christopher Brigadiers   Columbcille   Cyprian Cadets

Francis De Salles   George Knights   James   Jean D'Arc Bel Aires   John's  Joseph's   Joseph's Cadets   Joseph's Scotties   Joseph's Townsmen   Kevin's Emerald Grenadiers   

Kevin's Majestic Knights   Mary's Cadets   Mary's Majestic Knights   Mary's of Ayers   Patrick's Cadets   Patrick's Shamrocks   Phillip's Juniors   Richard's Cadets   Rose Scarlet Lancers

Vincent's Girls   Vincent's Jay Jays   






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