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Many people know that the Crossmen were formed in 1975 as a merger corps between two long-time southeast Pennsylvania rivals, the Keystone Regiment and the 507th Hornets. They may also know that the n

Phantom Regiment. Everyone else is competing for second place, IMO. Though I also like 27th Lancers for obvious reasons 

And to think that the name originally under consideration was the Rockford Rangers, a tribute to the proliferation of dutch elm trees throughout the city. Certain members, including Jim Wren, did not

1. They will always (to me, at least) be "Garfield ". Period.

2. Some missing Saints;

      St.Rose of Lima, Newark NJ

      St. Brendan's. Clifton NJ

3.Vagabonds?   Pennsauken  or poughkeepsie




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On 8/7/2018 at 9:53 PM, KVG_DC said:

Wasn't this the merger that became Pioneer?  

There was also a corps called "The Thing" from Longview/Kelso WA.  I believe it was called that during transition from the Mustangs (mostly parade corps) to the Marauders.


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Melrose Blackhawks

Fairlawn Cadets

Polish Falcons

Kingston Indians

Archer Eppler

Wayne Monarchs 


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Bordentown Little Devils - was Jersey Devils (may have been a senior corps that went, Junior) 

Cambridge Caballeros - rumor has it back then that they were forced by the police to disband because of all the havoc they reeked. 

West Paterson Royal Airs - the city changed their name to Woodland Park to dissociate them from Paterson, now Paterson is thinking of changing to East Woodland Park, go figure. (pun) 

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There was a corps years ago called The Silver Beavers and yes their hats had a beaver tail on back  :)

i always thought one of the more unique names was Velvet Knights although could someone chime in to tell me it's origin? 

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3 hours ago, Triple Forte said:

i always thought one of the more unique names was Velvet Knights although could someone chime in to tell me it's origin? 

Diplomats (aka Vaqueros - 1973; merged with VK - 1974) don't know how the name came about.

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L.A. Chinese Imperial Dragons
California Crusaders
Golden Statesmen (Changed name in 1970; previously "Albacores")

Squires (VK feeder)
King's Lancers (Kingsmen feeder)
Koyasan Boy Scouts
Third Generation
Blue Mist
Emerald Knights
Monterey Park Girls

West Coast Express

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A Little History Have an Old Friend that wanted to contribute but internet challenged.

The United Organization of Eastern Junior Corps:  The UOEJC:  BSGK, Garfield,
27th Lancers, Boston Crusaders, Beverly Cardinals, Muchachos, and Blue Rock.
The "Combine":  This may not have been a "Circuit" but the group went into
effect in 1971 to get more prize money out of contest sponsors.  It consisted
of Troopers, SCV, Madison, Blue Stars and Cavaliers.
In October of 1971, at Indianapolis IN corps from the UOEJC and "Combine"
revolted against the American Legion Congress turndown of their requests
regarding instrumentations, judging and prelim shows to form the DCI.  The
original members were BSGK,Boston Crusaders, Garfield Cadets,  27th Lancers,
Blue Rock, Cavaliers, Troopers, Blue Stars, Madison,and SCV.  "Invited" were
Anahiem, Argonne Rebels and DeLaSalle Oaklands.

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Some SCV history that is interesting but maybe not news to some.

Vanguard (Santa Clara) - Formed after Sunnyvale Sparks dropped drum corps from
their organization in March 1967; For some unknown reason the Circuit booklet
does not mention G.R. Royer, who was always considered to be the Corps Director
(as well as Horn Instructor)

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