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'09 to '18: A Decade in LOS (Favorite Shows by Corps)

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2018 marks the tenth year that Finals have been held in Lucas Oil Stadium. Now that Finals have concluded, what are everyone's favorite shows from each corps to be performed inside the Oil Can?

Santa Clara Vanguard: Babylon

Blue Devils: Cabaret Voltaire

Bluecoats: Metropolis: The Future is Now

Carolina Crown: For the Common Good

Boston Crusaders: S.O.S.

The Cavaliers: Mad World

The Cadets: 12.25

Blue Stars: Where the Heart Is

Blue Knights: Because

Mandarins: Life Rite After

Phantom Regiment: Juliet

Crossmen: Fragile

Spirit of Atlanta: Crossroads: We Are Here

Colts: Dark Side of the Rainbow

The Academy: (RE)

Madison Scouts: Reframed

Troopers: The New Road West

Pacific Crest: Here's to the Ones Who Dream

Music City: Hell on Wheels: The Final Journey of Casey Jones

Oregon Crusaders: Nevermore

Genesis: Art of Darkness

Seattle Cascades: Set Free

Jersey Surf: Bridgemania

Pioneer: The Corps Prayer

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For me it is

Blue Devils - 2010

Crown - 2013

Bluecoats - 2016

Cadets - 2015

SCV - 2018

Cavaliers - 2011

Regiment - 2010

BAC - 2018

Blue Knights - 2014

Blue Stars - 2010

Madison - 2012

Crossmen - 2017


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Santa Clara Vanguard: Babylon (probably will be true after the emotion tonight goes away) 

Blue Devils: 1930

Bluecoats: kinetic noise

Carolina Crown: for the common good 

Boston Crusaders: revolution

The Cavaliers: 15 minutes of fame

The Cadets: side >< side

Blue Stars: la reve

Blue Knights: because

Mandarins: life rite after

Phantom Regiment: into the light

Crossmen: above and beyond

Spirit of Atlanta: ATL confidential

Colts: Dark Side of the Rainbow

The Academy: left of spring

Madison Scouts: new york mourning

Troopers: The road home

Pacific Crest: the spectrum

Music City: phantoms of the grand ole opera

Oregon Crusaders: dreaming in color

Genesis: mozaic

Seattle Cascades: intergalactic

Jersey Surf: Bridgemania

Pioneer: irish immigrants: the hands that built america

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Blue Devils: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018

The Cavaliers: 2009, 2010, 2017

Santa Clara Vanguard: 2010, 2015, 2016, 2017

The Cadets: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016

Phantom Regiment: 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015

Blue Knights: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016

Blue Stars: 2009, 2010, 2016

The Academy: 2010, 2011, 2012

Bluecoats: 2009, 2013, 2014

Carolina Crown: 2009, 2012, 2017, 2018

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Carolina Crown: Inferno (For the Common Good, A Sec2nd Chance)

Bluecoats: Downside Up (Kinetic Noise, Tilt)

Blue Devils: Felliniesque (Through a Glass Darkly, As Dreams are Made On)

Santa Clara Vanguard: Babylon (Runners-Up: Ouroboros, The Spark of Invention)

Cadets: Between Angels and Demons (The Power of Ten, West Side Story)

Cavaliers: XtraordinarY (Mad World, On Madness and Creativity)

Boston Crusaders: SOS (The Titans, Wicked Games)

Phantom Regiment: Turandot (Juliet, Into the Light)

Blue Knights: The Fall and Rise (Because, English Folk Song Suite)

Mandarins: Life Rite After (Inside the Ink)

Madison Scouts: 78th and Madison (ReFramed, 2010)

Blue Stars: The Once and Future Carpenter (Houdini, ReBourne)

Crossmen: The In-Between (Continuum, Fragile)

Academy: Drum Corpse Bride (By a Hare, Academic)

Spirit of Atlanta: Knock (Sin City, Speakeasy)

Glassmen: Journey of One (The Prayer Cycle)

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Blue Devils: INK

Bluecoats: Jagged Line

Carolina Crown: For The Common Good

Santa Clara Vanguard: Babylon

Cadets: Side by Side

Boston Crusaders: Animal Farm

Cavaliers: Immortal

Phantom Regiment: Turandot

Blue Knights: That One Second

Blue Stars: Where the Heart Is

Academy: Drum Corpse Bride

Mandarins: Life Rite After

Crossmen: Fragile 

Troopers: Wild Horses

Madison Scouts: ReFramed

Oregon Crusaders: Nevermore

Pacific Crest: Spectrum


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Blue Devils - 2014

Crown - 2013

Bluecoats - 2018

Cadets - 2011

SCV - 2018

Cavaliers - 2011

 Regiment - 2010

BAC - 2017

Blue Knights - 2014

Blue Stars - 2018

Madison - 2010

Crossmen - 2017

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Santa Clara Vanguard: Babylon (Runner Up: Ballet for Martha)

Blue Devils: 1930 (Runner Up: Cabaret Voltaire)

Bluecoats: Session 44 (Runner Up: Kinetic Noise)

Carolina Crown: For the Common Good (Runner Up: Tie between Inferno and Rach Star)

Boston Crusaders: Wicked Games (Runner Up: Rise)

Cavaliers: XtraordinarY (Runner Up: Propaganda)

The Cadets: Between Angels and Demons (Runner Up: Side >< Side)

Blue Stars: The Factory (Runner Up: The Once and Future Carpenter)

Blue Knights: Because (Runner Up: That One Second)

Mandarins: Life Rite After (Runner Up: Inside the Ink)

Phantom Regiment: Into the Light (Runner Up: Juliet)

Crossmen: Fragile (Runner Up: Enigma)

Spirit of Atlanta: Speakeasy (Runner Up: Knock)

Colts: True Believer (Runner Up: Dark Side of the Rainbow)

Academy: Drumline Corpse Bride (Runner Up: Academic)

Madison Scouts: New York Morning (Runner Up: Corps of Brothers - 75 Years of Survival)

Glassmen: The Journey of ONE (Runner Up: Glassworks)


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I will add to this- my definition of best isn't necessarily the score it's just when I thought they had the best group of don't flip when you don't see Felinni.

Santa Clara Vanguard:

Favorite: Spark of Invention   

 Best: Babylon   

Least Favorite: Ballad for Martha 

Husband's Favorite: Force of Nature

Mom's favorite: Babylon

HM: Devil's Staircase and 2014


Blue Devils

Favorite: 1930

Best: Metamorph

Least Favorite:Cabaret Voltaire 


Favorite: Kinetic Noise

Best: Session 44 (I think this is the best corps they have fielded all time)

Least Favorite: Metropolis

Mom's Favorite: Tilt

Husband's Favorite: Session 44

Carolina Crown:

Favorite: Inferno

Least Favorite: It Is

Mom's Favorite: Rach Star

HM: For the Common Good

Boston Crusaders

Favorite: Wicked Games

Best: S.O.S.

Least Favorite: 2015

Mom and Hubbys fav: SOS


Favorite: Mad World

Best: Mad World

Least Favorite: Men are from Mars


The Cadets:

Favorite: 12.25

Best: Angels and Demons

Least Favorite: 2014

Husband favorite: the awakening


Blue Stars: ReBourne

Blue Knights: 

Favorite: That One Second    Best: Because.  Least Favorite: Avian. HM: Shiver, Great Event, No beginning no end

Mandarins: Inside the Ink

Phantom Regiment:  Favorite: Red Violon Best: Turnadot   Least Favorite: Phantasm Husband Favorite: Juliet

Crossmen: Continuum

Spirit of Atlanta: Sin City

Colts: NachtMusik

The Academy: Drum Corpse Bride

Madison Scouts: Time Trip

Troopers: Wild Horses (my Mom loves this show)

Pacific Crest: The Union

Music City: Hell on Wheels: The Final Journey of Casey Jones. HMs for the Tribe and when they played Mars

Oregon Crusaders: REDRUM

Genesis: Retrivertigo

Seattle Cascades: 2017

Jersey Surf: Bridgemania

Sorry folks haven't seen Pioneer... can't find enough videos for them to make a determination.

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