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On 8/21/2019 at 10:25 PM, runyancm said:

Great pictures posted to Crown's Facebook page by Emily Treasure from finals night.  Performance pics are great, but the post show pics at the end are special.  I am a sucker for those emo moments. 😂

Thanks for the great pictures all year, Emily.

She’s got a great eye, and as an avid photog, I picture that as one of the greatest summer gigs, ever.

Though I imagine she’s got a plethora of collateral responsibilities when she’s not not behind the viewfinder of her Canon/Nikon/SLR of choice.📸

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3 hours ago, BWise said:

What’s the word of CC 2020 staff?

All quiet on the Western front; here and on CC 2020 thread.

Trying to take the position that no news is good news.

I’ll resume my “head in the sand” position now...

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1 hour ago, karuna said:

Everyone's BUSY at Crown!


Hey, shouldn't Matt be in full Avon mode, this time of year?!?!

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