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I don't know about these uniforms.  I'm just not feeling them as of right now. 

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Folks I went back and watched last night's top 6 again and I must say the judges made a statement to Crown that hard drill and their style is not appreciated nor, will it be rewarded now and into the

I had the pleasure of seeing Crown rehearse tonight in Lexington, KY including a full run through.  TheY sound great- lots of impact.  Good blend of new and old school drum corps, lots of drill, minim

As someone who is marching this show I'll just say this. We are certainly working our tails off but man is this show fun.

1 minute ago, johnpendell said:

Wait isn’t the preview show tonight?


Just now, Incognito365 said:

Yes. 7:30.

I've been at work waaaaaaaay too long. 

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1 minute ago, ashevillemurphy said:

Has anyone heard whether Crown is going LIVE stream the preview on Facebook?
They have the past couple of years ... it has also been easy to find on periscope in years past.

Their social media team is here.  No idea if they will be live streaming on any platform.  

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2 minutes ago, Newseditor44 said:

If there were a tarp, and that’s a big if... I think I know where in the show it would happen...

Tarp as in walk over it tarp or 2015 fly over tarp? 

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