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What rule would you propose for the 2019 DCI tour?

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After watching what’s happening with mics in DCI over the past few years:

Amplifying brass/field perc not permitted on field proper.  Up to 2 free-standing mics on stands in front of front-sideline are permitted for solos.  Mic’ing the entire ensemble (shotgun mics) is not permitted. 

This experiment (free for all amplification) has failed. Most of the “creativity” has just been getting around bad staging for a visual effect or being loud without doing the work it takes to do that well.  If we can’t hear you because of where you are on the field,  you’ve failed to design appropriate staging.  If only an IEM can keep you playing in time, you’ve failed.  “Solving” these failures through in ear monitors and mics is really just laziness.  

If you want your soloist(s) mic’d then you will have to forego their visual contribution and plant them on the FSL (where most of them probably don’t need a mic anyway).  You decide.  



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More contras 🙂

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On 8/18/2018 at 12:15 PM, MikeD said:

I disagree with most of your post. Suffice it to say this is my opinion based on the title of the thread. I don't what you or anyone else happens think. The poster asked us what new rule would we like to see.

Drum corps is marching band...always was and will be. Do WW have a right? I don't think I ever said that they do. I said I think DCI should legalize WW in some fashion, most especially in a new Anything Goes division. If no corps want to do that, than fine. It is just my opinion, after being around drum corps since 1963. 

I have indeed heard many bands where the WW were audible, by the way, including the one I worked with for a quarter century here in NJ, and arranged for between 2003 and 2017. Were we BOA level? Not even close, but we did a decent job at our level, and we always made sure the WW were written for properly and staged to be heard. 



I happened to come.upon this disagreement we had a few months ago.

I do understand that you would like to see those who play woodwinds have an opportunity for some kind of involvement in a summer marching activity. 


I remember our band director had been a part of some kind of college-aged independent marching band activity here in Michigan. It was pure marching band with woodwinds and wasn't directly part of University. 


I wonder if anything like that exists today?


I think if a woodwind wanted to march, learning to play a brass instrument can be done and there are multiple open class corps that might teach younger students to play at a basic level.

I'm not sure how the music education is at smaller open class corps. Obviously for world class you have to be at least competent at a high School level to play in most corps, but open class? I would imagine that education is more a priority than competition at that stage. I would hope so anyway. 

Not trying to beat a dead horse but the idea of students learning to play a marching brass instrument while in an extra curiccular marching setting for some reason came into my mind. 



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