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Photos of Classic Drum Corps (DCI & DCA)

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I have several photographs from 1978 and perhaps 1979 of both DCI corps and DCA corps, including some very rare corps that have (sadly) folded. Most of these were taken from the stands. They are snapshots of history---images of corps that no longer exist and classic images of DCI corps in the "old school" era. 

Would anyone please take these off my hands? They've been in scrapbooks for years. I hate to throw them away. I'd like to have someone to preserve them or showcase them. Please PM me (if possible) and I will send them to you (I'll pay shipping). 

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   I'd be interested in digitizing them and cleaning up some of the worst ones. Do you have the negatives by chance as well? My long-term goal would be to create a project and get an intern to help in preserving these, then potentially send them to DCX to add to those corps records. 

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On 10/3/2018 at 1:57 PM, 81Freelancers said:

That's awesome, but someone has claimed them. Sorry!

Send them to me: 

Andy Lisko

12295 SW Bayberry Ave

Port St Lucie, FL 34987

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I took this photo in the spring of 1980 in central Florida. This is the horn line of The Ventures, an all-girl drum & bugle cops from Canada. They did a camp in Florida to learn the book. On the far right, dressed in a black t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts (we all wore them back then) is Jim Ott. He's working the horn line with his arrangements. Three months later, Ott would be killed in a car crash while touring with Spirit of Atlanta. 



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