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In The News – Women Take On Leadership Roles In Casper’s Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps

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34 minutes ago, dans said:

Oh please, you don't even know me! You not very good at passing judgment...but you do it anyway. I will not respond to any more of your silly comments.

Thats what the goal was!

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Boys!  BOYS!

If I have to turn around this car around you are BOTH going to get a whoopin' when we get home!

Oh, and neither of you has a post history on which one could build a reasonable post "personality" but, clearly, dans has a significant lead in establishing one.  So "pot and kettle" and all that...


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12 hours ago, Cuban said:

What a martyr. Your comment history speaks for itself even if you like to pretend you're on some holier than thou box.

for the record, he can be far more blunt. very knowledgeable too

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