Instructors for High School Marching Band Program

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Hey folks.  We have a growing high school marching band program in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  We're looking for some help to support the band director and make the program better. 

We are looking for somebody to help with drill design / overall show visual, marching instructor, and a band front tech.  Obviously since I'm asking here, we're hoping to find folks with DCI experience at these jobs.  The bulk of the help would be needed during the "band camp" period in August to put the show together, and periodic support during the season for competition preparation.

Beyond this, I'm not really sure how or what to ask for.  Do DCI programs offer help for high schools?  Is there a community of retired / apprentice DCI drill designers and instructors who do this type of work with high schools?  A gazillion years ago, our high school program had an amazing team that came together to help with our shows (I think we even paid travel for a couple guys to come in from CA for band camp.)  Can anybody point me in the right direction to find this type of help?

And of course, I will ask what type of stipend is customary for these types of positions  (keeping in mind that we're a small high school program) so we can plan a budget.

Thanks for any help and/or direction you can provide!      

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I just saw this. (Nov. 17th)

Though there is no organized "mentorship program" that I am aware of, there certainly are a good number of experienced drum corps people living in Florida.

If you PM me, I'll try to help connect you to some of them.


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