They're trashing our trophies

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Most of those people probably haven't darkened the door of the band band room or bought a tub of cookie dough since they graduated.  That said, I'm going to have to add more shelving in my band room for more trophies next year.  Keep your constituents happy.

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About as much as 24 pages on BOA/Tarpon Spring, but that's DCP I guess.

What does this have to do with DCI World Class?

When I was a director I used to remove the engraved plates off the trophies for that season and mount them on a plaque with a picture of the band and year. This would be mounted on the band room wall.

On 11/11/2018 at 6:52 AM, Tim K said:

Storage of trophies can be a problem. In most schools space is display limited, trophies collect dust, the whole nine yards. There are good solutions. One, if the trophies are older and celebrate a significant event, contact the local historical society who might make it part of a display. You can also invite the group that won the trophy to an event, have it be a reunion, and raffle it off. You can also box them for most of the year and highlight certain trophies at certain times. 

If you have to dispose, be an equal opportunity disposer. Do it year by year and not by activity. All activities are important to the participants. If you’re an alum and hear your trophies have been discarded and you’re upset, when was the last time you were at your high school? Do you support booster organizations? Do you attend reunions? Schools that are supported are usually more open to honoring alums and the past.

Now for me, my high school can’t throw away the band trophies from my time. We didn’t win any!:bigsmile:

I don't know about most schools, but my kids' band competes in weekly contests where often there might be only one or two schools in a class - - yet there's physical trophies given for each caption in a class.    The band accumulates a lot of these smaller caption trophies.   At the year end banquet, they have a tradition of gifting  these caption trophies to seniors., usually each senior chooses a particular one!   It ends up almost like a Yankee Swap.


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On 11/10/2018 at 6:33 PM, Pete Leland said:

Leaders of a North Georgia high school are apologizing for throwing away trophies belonging to the marching band.

Video posted on social media shocked former members of the Southeast Whitfield High School marching band.

"They're filming students taking boxes of awards and throwing them into the trash like it didn't even matter," Lindzy Reed said.

Reed was part of the Raiders Marching Band from 2007-2011.

She said several alumni started contacting district leaders when the video surfaced Tuesday wanting to know why they weren't given a chance to take the awards before tossing them in the trash.

"It's very disrespectful to the people who had come before them who had fought so hard and went through so many hours of training, so many different days and years and they just told them don't worry about it," Reed said.


How/why is this news?

Edit -  Band directors have enough inventory to manage. They shouldn't have to bend to the whims of busybody alums from 5+ years ago.

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13 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

one indoor host gave every group a gas gift card to help offset travel costs...same amount they would have paid for a trophy. it is a huge hit!!

THAT was thoughtful. Someone realized that a thoughtful gift/award has more value than bling. IIRC, Back in the late 70's Dad had cash prizes ala DCA in place for the Lewistown ToB contest. Many bands showed up that wouldn't have normally come. Williamsport in their purple patch for instance. The Boosters still made money.

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19 minutes ago, ShutUpAndPlayYerGuitar said:


How/why is this news?

Edit -  Band directors have enough inventory to manage. They shouldn't have to bend to the whims of busybody alums from 5+ years ago.

I like the previous post where the trophies were given away to the seniors. The problem might now be that the maxim years ago that "everyone goes home with something" at contests has diluted the value of a lot of these awards. Food for thought.


As for the value of these awards.... Well, here's a rather interesting one.


The School I taught at many years ago in upstate NY used to host a competition called the "Gold Rush" in the fall. The trophies given out had a  real gold nugget on... in... or hanging from a chain off them, I never saw an actual Gold Rush trophy, I only heard descriptions of them. Given the value of gold now, a band could cash in that nugget for a fair chunk of change of they had one of those trophies in their building.


The show ended sometime in the 70's/Early 80's, I believe.

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