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Quarter Finals Percussion

SCV 14.5 1st

PR 14.3 2nd

Semi Finals

SCV 14.6 2nd

PR 14.6 2nd


SCV 14.9 1st

PR 14.4 5th

Bias meter turned off.

REALLY? Didn't buy in then, don't buy it now. The FIX was in as it was the ONLY caption where people wouldn't question the result. I really enjoyed SCV in 88 and 89, but (and this is the homer in me) Regiments performance level that night was off the charts. IMO, 89 was an 'our bad' to SCV for 87 & 88. There was NO WAY they were going to not win in 89!  If SCV had won in either of those year, I guarantee you that Regiment would have won in 89!

 Bias meter turned back on.

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Well, if the over-age rules were applied consistently Phantom would have won.

I understand that the individuals bamboozled US Customs & whoever in the UK issues passports, but overage is overage.  And IIRC they received the score that determined the performance order marching the overage members.

<<Flame Shields Up>>


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SCV in 1989 is one of my favorite all time shows, so too is PR in 1989. I think for both shows there are mostly strengths and few weaknesses, yet while I still tend to say SCV, I will say the more you watch the Legacy DVD, the more you pick up on some small errors. Regarding the judges are watching comment, I will have to watch the Legacy DVD again. The "DCI Essentials: Classics DVD, I find that the Blu Ray is a bit more polished. Sadly, I can't listen to the download any more. The CD's are damaged and the original was on a computer that got a virus and the DCI downloads were not able to be saved.

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16 hours ago, Rocketman said:

10:08 - Judges are you watching? Answer - NO!

Holy mackerel. The sheer power of that horn line. Breathtaking.

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