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85 Suncoast, yes, a great show. Always surprised that Smith never turned that into a Concert Band piece

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I would also like to say that 2016 Bluecoats stands out to me as well. Not as much from an "innovation" standpoint (though there were some unique innovations with the split front ensemble and miking.) I think it's more of "getting everything pretty much dead nuts right" perspective. The staging was great, powerful hornline, great drill and overall show concept, attainable music concept that was easy to understand and enjoy, and a solid drumline. To me, it's more a "culmination of the last decades improvements" type of situation. My only "even better if" moment is the snare lick at the first part of the show on the ramps. Mic'd up, it sounds like shoes in a dryer. But up close it was clean as a whistle. 

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