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Alumni Corps "How To" Questions

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Hey group, a corps I work with is planning a one time alumni corps extravaganza parade.  It is designed to be a parade corps for a single Thanksgiving day parade in 2019.  The participants are required to sign up and pay in advance, attend a full rehearsal on the Wednesday (one day) before the parade, stay with the corps at a hotel in the city, then do the parade on Thanksgiving.  We are hoping for a large alumni turn out and a large percentage of the 2019 corps attending the parade.  That would give us a corps of 200-300.  Cost is about $300 and includes a uniform, instrument and hotel room.

My question, regarding the 27th Lancers field show in 94, the Star of Indianna, Madison Scouts, Santa Clara Vanguard Rose Parade corps etc.  The big ONE TIME get togethers:

Did corps accept non-alumni in the ranks?

Did the cost cover just the fundamental fielding of the corps, or was this used as a fundraiser?

Did the corps require 100% of members make 100% of rehearsal time?

IF you were involved in a big ONE TIME project do you have any tips?  Suggestions?

Some prospective members are questioning the all day rehearsal and taking a day off of work.  Some alums just don't seem to be into to concept.  Some think only alumni should march, others think it should be open to anyone that wants to celebrate drum corps and help with the fundraiser involved.



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