Kanstul Powerbore Soprano - FOR SALE (SOON)

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Available, soon, FOR SALE --

I’m (will shortly be) selling my Kanstul Powerbore KSB-102/102G Sopraon (with a package) …. $775 + actual shipping cost (continuous 48 or Canada—ONLY)!

I’m the original owner, got it in early 2005.

The Protect case it came with has never been used, it has sat in my closet ever since receiving the horn from Kanstul. I already had one with corps patches on it, so I used it instead.

The horn was rarely used, until my alumni drum corps retirement in early 2010. I also had a second (1997) Powerbore I bought to help out a friend in need, and used it for practices and parades and saved the 05’ for special events. The 97’ has been SOLD.

The horn has sat unused since 2010, but has been thoroughly gone through and is in “newish” (yes that’s a real word) condition.

The package includes:
Powerbore Soprano
Protect case – perfect condition
Mouthpiece ( if you want one) - your choice 3C or 7C
Replacement water key rubber caps, 6-total..2 for each key. Kanstul P/N’s-- 21, B2, E2
Replacement water key corks. Kanstul P/N -- (b)
Replacement slide Stop Knob. Kanstul P/N -- E4
(1) 8oz Blue Juice Valve Oil – a $30+ value
(1) New tube Yamaha Slide Grease
(1) NEW jar HERCO Spitballs
Cleaning brushes – MP, Valves and Pipe Snake
(1) Package 3M Tarni-Shield Protectors
(2) NEW Sunshine Polishing Cloths
(1) NEW Blitz Silver Care Cloth
(1) Bell Hoodie (cover)
(1) Horn Stand

A couple of pictures available.

UPDATE: the horn with be listed here for 10 days before going on eBay and local sites.

I will also have the following for sale, and will list them with specifics in another posting:

--- (~12) mouthpieces
--- (1) NEW DEG Premium HD mouthpiece puller
--- (1) 1957 CONN Director 18 Trumpet with Coprion Bell, with original case. Condition is 9+ of out 10.

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