Best EARLY SEASON show/corps that ending up NOT winning?

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On 2/15/2019 at 4:40 AM, 84BDsop said:

Not gonna go through 11 pages...but did anyone mention 84 BD?


Asking for 127 friends.

Admittedly, La Fiesta is hard to beat. This was also the first DCI Finals that my father took me to (I had been to Birmingham in 83 for DCS,) and it cemented my desire to march. 3 years and a LOT of private lessons later and it became reality. So yeah, I'll raise my hand for 84 BD.

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Any year The Cavaliers apparently did not win.... lol

BD was undefeated coming into Championships that '88 season. But that assessment of why they lost, (ie, "performance order " ), would be unfair to the'88 Madison Scouts Corps, imo. Madison lost to a f

Cadets... 2015.  Came out of the gate very strong that season. Topped  BD, Crown , Bluecoats, SCV. Won the San Antonio Regionals 7/11, topping everyone.  Really looking and sounding like the DCI

8 hours ago, TRacer said:

I didn’t...the Red Team was in your way. :blow:

Only up to Whitewater.

We were VERY glad that SCV took that show over Garfield if we didn't take it...but it also lit a large fire under our butts, which was a large factor in us coming on stronger in the last couple of weeks.

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BD 1984 is one of my favorite shows by them -- and there are many I love.  It is a throwback to a time where some corps were still doing a "concert number" and the crowd loved it.  La Fiesta was incredible for sure, but I just loved the opener, and the ballad before the closing tag was lovely. BD and SCV were certainly in the hunt in 1984, and Phantom Regiment was no slouch. That was a strong top 4, top 5. Garfield was simply on a different playing field in terms of visual. The brass caption was amazing for the top 5 corps, I believe with the top 3 all taking first in brass performance. Garfield was not up to par with SCV or BD in percussion, but made up for it in GE and Visual. 1984 is still one of my favorite years, especially for music. 

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On 2/14/2019 at 8:15 AM, jwillis35 said:

Yeah, no doubt. Party my fault. Madison 1988 is interesting discussion. As it relates to this topic I think it came up because many feel Blue Devils 1988 were one of the better early-season corps to not win. Some feel SCV 1988 deserved to be in that discussion as well. While I did love SCV 88, I never felt they were in the championship hunt but a solid 2nd place corps. Fantastic show of course!!! 

Yeah, I get it. Perhaps the draw and the fact many feel, yours truly that BD and SCV had a more balance show from beginning to end, where as the Scouts show was carried by the closer factors into why the discussion is still had over 30 years later.

 Also Cadets, BD and SCV were contenders for years coming into the 88 season, the Scouts were averaging a 5th placement from 1977-87 and  the year before they placed 6th, so was out of no where so to speak. Then, they placed no better than 5th for years to come with the exception of the 1995 season placing 6th for the most part. While no one can take that championship away, there is no question it was an outlier.

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