Madison Scouts all time Top 12

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Just now, BigW said:

Thank you. IIRC, Rodinaro and the announcing crew mentioned this on the broadcast. I also believe it was common knowledge in period as word got around the circuits.

It’d be interesting to see how that partnership would have worked out, if not for the tragic  loss.

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Just now, tesmusic said:

It’d be interesting to see how that partnership would have worked out, if not for the tragic  loss.

A lot of what if's there that were incredibly unfortunate. I have a hunch the Cabs would have benefitted greatly from their continued work with him. They appreciated him, and vice versa. He really understood the Cabs and gave them a great voice.

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1999 is my favorite Madison show and one of my all time favorite shows period. I saw it live at Manning Bowl in Lynn and I’m still not sure my ears have recovered. 

2013: I’m a bit on the sentimental side, and this show pulled all the emotional strings.

1977: Cadets may have defined “West Side Story” but lots of people loved that show.

1981: lots of great music, no surprise for Madison.

1985: loved what they did with “Rhapsody in Blue” both musically and visually, especially the piano at the end.

1991 and 1992: loved both “City of Angels”

1995 and 1996: both were dreams come true for this Drum Corps fan.

1975: you can’t help but love it.

1979: I loved “Sorcerer and the Latin.”

2011: a fine memorial for September 11th.


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In no particular order, except for the first...

1) 1997- The definition of getting the crowd on their feet. 

The rest...

1992- First year I watched drum corps, so I have to include it.

1975- A great show

1999- Lit the stadium on fire on finals night

1995- Those mellos at the beginning of the closer...what all mellos should aspire to

1988- Yes, by far the best Malaguena EVER!!!!

1996- Just pure fun

2010- Back in finals

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1. 1995 - I've probably listened to this show over 1000 times over the past 17 years and it never gets old. It was the second DCI show I ever heard, and it solidified my love for drum corps and made me want to learn more about DCI and discover other shows and different corps. 

2. 1997 - One of the most entertaining and crowd-pleasing shows ever. Loved the theme and how it all came together. I still don't know how they made those boat creaking sounds, but it is awesome that they were able to add that effect without synthesizers and amps.

3. 1994 - An underrated show that doesn't get nearly enough love. Cuban Overture and Santos were fantastic pieces that I would love to see again, and this version of Malaga also had some great moments. I'm no percussionist, but I thought they did outstanding that year with the writing and featuring their percussion.

4. 1992 - Great show, great drill, great music. They really turned it up a notch from the previous year and changing the closer really helped sell the show to me. Loved the swagger and confidence they projected during the percussion break where the hornline faced backfield and did nothing but pose and stand while the percussion did all the work. 

5. 1999 - The show speaks for itself. 

6. 1993 - Love the music from this show, especially the closer and the percussion break in Strawberry Soup. 

7. 1996 - The very first DCI show I ever heard...by accident. I looked up "Malaguena" on Limewire because someone in high school band mentioned they had played it a few years ago in marching band and I wanted to hear what it sounded like. I ended up downloading the audio for the 1996 Scouts not realizing who they were or what DCI was (Our director didn't care for DCI at all). I recognized A Mis Abuelos and Bolero instantly and after a few months of listening to this show and liking it a lot, I discovered the '95 Scouts show, and then a lot more shows after that. 

8. 1985 - Their best show from the 80's in my opinion. Hard for me to choose if I like this version of Rhapsody in Blue better or Phantom '05

9. 1984 - I like this show and '83 mostly because of "Memory" from Cats. Such a powerful and emotional closer! I liked the '84 version more though...and also because of Waltz of the Mushroom Hunters which I thought they nailed. 

10. 2005 - First Madison Scouts show I ever got to see live (and first DCI show in general). I was blown away by how powerful their brass sound was, and I was still excited hours after the show had ended thinking about how great they were. It's a shame they didn't continue making shows like this and tried to change their style the following year, because I thought they had a great thing going and finally figured things out. 

11. 1988 - I would rank this higher if I were only counting Malaguena and not the rest of the show. I still enjoy the entire show, but it just doesn't fit together for me as a whole and feel cohesive. That mello solo is the best I have ever heard.

12. 1998 - Loved the way the guard blended in with everyone else in the opener...it made them look like one huge hornline at times. Remembrance was a great closer, and arranged so much better than the 1990 version. 


I wish I could fit a dozen more into my top 12 because it was hard to choose. There are very few shows I did not enjoy from the Scouts over the past 45 years.




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1- 1995

2- 1971

3- 2005

4- 1999

5-12 tie for every other Madison show from 1972 except for 1972 -2016- 2017 & 2018. I’m not blaming the members but they sure lost their identity and crowd appeal. The drum corps fans used to stand up and cheer for them just coming on the field (Just my opinion.) 

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My top shows....

1.  1995

1a. 1988

3.  1975

4.  1980

5.  1981

6.  1978

7.  1997

8.  1976

9.  1999

10. 1974

11. 1985

12. 1992

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