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Drum Corps DVD/VHS Collection for Sale HUGE LOT of videos worth over $1000

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Hi all, I am selling off my DVD/VHS collection of DCI Finals Videos.  All videos work and are in good condition.  

I will take $300.00 or BEST OFFER!  Payment accepted via Venmo or Paypal.  add $20.00 for shipping, and payment must be received prior to shipping videos

If you're intersted, please text me at 971-319-0818

The lot of videos contains the following:

Historical Series (VHS)

1988 – 1993  DCI Finals – Top 12

1994 DCI Finals – Top 12 (VHS)

1995 DCI Finals – Top 12 (VHS)

1996 DCI Finals – Top 12 (VHS)

1997 DCI Finals – Top 12 (VHS)

1998 DCI Finals – Top 21 (VHS)

1999 DCI Finals – Top 21 (VHS)

2000 DCI Finals – Top 21 (VHS)

2001 DCI Finals  - Top 21 (VHS) Missing volume 1



2002  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2003  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2004  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2005  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2006  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2007 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2008  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2009 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2010  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2011  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)

2012  DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE)


Cadets of the ‘00’s DVD

Instructor Guide to Movement Fundamentals WGI (DVD)

WGI 2000 Percussion World Championships (VHS)

Dynamic Marching and Movement Volume 1 & 2 (DVDs)


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