It's the day before the season starts-what is your favorite 2nd place show?

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Does Star 1993 even count since it is the greatest show of all time...

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Bluecoats 2014 Tilt and Carolina Crown 2015 Inferno 😁

2012 Carolina Crown.  Should have won. 

I am with the other posters here on CC 2015 Inferno but I would be remiss, being a bigger fan of Blooooo if I don't mention 2014 Tilt!! For me personally, one of my fav all time!!    (side n

1989 Phantom Regiment - they should have won that year!

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5 hours ago, OldSnareDrummer said:

Certainly there were other ample opportunities for PR to close that one tenth gap for the tie with SCV, but the one people talked about for years was the rifle drop penalty. Ouch. 

Was not a factor! Chalk that one up to the 'Shirley' affect!

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The three that I'm not over being 2nd place shows:

+ '85 Vanguard

+ '87 Vanguard

+ '93 Star

While I am still not over these three shows losing, I cannot say Garfield/the Cadets did not deserve those wins. Those three shows by them are also among my most favorites.

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3 hours ago, Hook'emCavies said:

Cavies 90 and 91 shows are amazing! 


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87 SCV or 93 Star

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