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If I have one frustration with the Blue Devils its that being a west coaster I only get to see the skeleton Of their show. By the end of the season this show is going to be a monster. So much good goi

I am hoping that Cavies can close the gap between themselves and the Blue Devils. I know and believe they can do it! SPLOOIE!

Cavs 2nd in Music,2nd in Brass. I’ll take it.! 

Just now, PopcornEater1963 said:

The Academy’s show has grownon me night after night. Especially Bridge Over Troubled Water ands it reprise at close. But this is no Drim Corpse Bride. 

Thank you for the show updates. Very much appreciated.

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13 minutes ago, PopcornEater1963 said:

Troop just started. First one I’ve seen. 

Gotcha. I hope they have a great run!

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 I am hoping the Academy decides to do a little work on their bridge props. They’re rather steep and not much texture on the surfaces. In wet weather or just a lot of humidity they could cause real problems 

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