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Pasadena, CA - Saturday, June 29, 2019

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Just now, DrumManTx said:

Can see they've filled in some of the gaps that were just standing around a week ago.  

Yeah.  I get the feeling they've got a good deal more they can layer in yet too.  This show could be a monster by the end.

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41 minutes ago, N.E. Brigand said:

Nice to see twelve pages of comments on the Open Class performances in this thread. Don't think anybody noted this, so in case it's of interest, here are the corps sizes per my quick counts, for which I welcome any corrections. Abbreviations: b=battery (snares/tenors/basses/cymbals), h=horns (i.e., brass), p=pit, g=guard, dm=drum major(s).

Vessel: 8/4/5/4b 39h 11p 21g 3dm = 95

Incognito: 3/2/4b 13h 6p 17g 1dm = 46

Impulse: 7/5/5/0b 17h 7p 6g 3dm = 50

Watchmen: 7/4/5/0b 20h 8p 6g 3dm = 53

Golden Empire: 8/4/5/5b 29h 14p 18g 3dm = 86

Gold: 9/5/5/5b 81h 15p 26g 4dm = 150

How many open corps march a full corps? Anything north of 110 members Seems pretty large considering the field tonight, isn’t this a training division?

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This show will get great GE, visual, and guard numbers all season.  

Where I think they might have some trouble pushing into the 7th - 9th grouping is music, Cadets, Blue Stars, and Blue Knights sound a tier stronger.  Not to say Mandarins sound bad, just more room to grow.  

Still LOVE this show!  

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