Madison Scouts now officially co-ed

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On 7/7/2019 at 11:51 AM, Cop said:

They are even taking the Alumni Corps two it's second upcoming Mardi Gras.  ⚜️

The Alumni Corps is separate from the Scouts. Members pay for the whole thing.

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I already posted this one. 

“Whataboutism” at it finest. 

Oh boy. Gird your loins and prepare your best popcorn-munching memes, everyone. This is not a drill.

14 minutes ago, OldSnareDrummer said:

I'm hooked on it. Every time I have to ask myself "what were you thinking?"  when I screw up, I just refer to every one of those idiots on that show and think meh, I ain't so bad. 

I had to google those shows.  It reminds me of when Jim introduced me to Honeyboo boo and her family. 😳

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4 hours ago, cfirwin3 said:

Well... Virtue Signaling is a poor (political weaponization) of a much better and meaningful term known as 'moral piety' or 'pietism'.  When you use the former it exhibits as the very offense that it claims to expose.

I've heard that accusation before, and it is a complete fail. 

The purpose of virtue signaling is to attempt to establish oneself as virtuous by denouncing someone else's actions.  Having such a purpose serves as an incentive to misrepresent those actions or the motives behind them, and is often accompanied by such misrepresentations in ways that are subtly hurtful and passively aggressively mean-spirited.  

The purpose of calling people out for virtue signaling is usually, in my observation, just to encourage them to stop virtue signaling because it hurts people.  Although calling it out could be misused in a virtue signaling way, asserting that has to be the case is patently ridiculous.  

If you point a gun at my grandmother and I yell "don't shoot!", I am not doing so because I want people to see me as better than you.  I am doing so because I don't want you to shoot my grandmother.  

The absence of logic in the way in which some people (e.g., certain members of the media) defend the practice suggests a desperation that is quite interesting.  

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6 minutes ago, bass5 said:

The Alumni Corps is separate from the Scouts. Members pay for the whole thing.

If that's the case, I wonder if the alumni corps is also going to adopt this policy?

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4 hours ago, xandandl said:

Cavies had to open shop in Texas plus Rosemont, plus Cavs are still unique and will probably have their largest audition class with all the publicity from Don Warren's passing, their improved hornline, and being one of a kind....

...and if the prospective member wants the co-ed Cavies (CEC) experience they can try out in the Bay Area— what a country! 🕺

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5 hours ago, kdaddy said:

I lol'd at "A few dinosaurs and a fetus. Great."

yeah. But to me this is worrisome...hiring a college kid with no track record, for an organization trying to reclaim past glories...then quietly we might add, slowly phase him out and add to Chuck's duties.....and people wonder why there is design issues and staff retention issues?

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Well, catching up on this thread has been interesting to say the least.

Thank you all for your passionate interest in the Madison Scouts!

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5 hours ago, garfield said:

Someone complained about "virtue signalling"?  Jeesh, glad to find out as I was beginning to adopt it.

And "rubber stamp"; I want to know: is there another type of stamp?



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5 hours ago, OldSnareDrummer said:

The Midwest Combine. I always knew someday it would make a comeback. 

but this time they'll drop the I and put the N back in ( see the Don Warren video to get that)

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