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Sioux City, IA - Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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1 hour ago, George Dixon said:

or percussion - scores would have been something like:

Cadets 80

Crossmen 77.5

Mandarins 76.75

if you fill in the missing captions with prior type scores

Not too sure there. There are three missing judges including guard, where the Crossmen do very well. Yes, Cadets miss the percussion score but, with guard and individual visual not present, I think what we see is about what we would get. I guess we will find out next time. Final note - I do like the XMEN. There is some fire in that sound. I heard Van Matthews of Blue Devil fame is on board. That can make a difference.

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11 hours ago, dcifanforlife said:

This show is free, no admission charge:  Best deal on DCI tour.

My type of show!  After spending over $30/ticket for a four corps show and some soundsport groups for the Mesa, AZ show, I wish they would lower the price or try to get more corps to come their way.  I remember when the higher priced tickets use to come with a meal, but sadly that went away. 

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2 hours ago, Terri Schehr said:

What happened to full panels every show? 😉

I've been wondering the same thing. The only other show this season to have a partial panel (5 judges) was the Mesa, AZ show, and that show ALSO only had 4 corps total. So maybe that's the threshold where a show sponsor is given an exemption? Mandarins' Capital Classic show this year had only 5 corps but had a full panel.

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8 hours ago, BlueStainGlass said:

Ok the other two make sense and cadets should be higher? Cadets will keep a gal on anyone believe them with their percussion

I was just joking around - sorry reading that now it wasn’t clear. None of us know what the scores would have been / should have been 

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