Memphis, TN - Saturday, July 13, 2019

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In b4 Crown fan freak out.  

(WHICH IS WELL DESERVED, don't @ me please).  

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Flo is the winner. Their servers crapped out under "heavy" load and they still got our money    

(From Jersey Surf 2015, for those who may have forgotten)

Weather is looking more promising!

Nice Job Crown!!!

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19 minutes ago, EricS said:

Rennick should be repramanded for his drummers "dut dut duting" so loud that they can be heard over the entire stadium.  At this point in the game the timing should be so ingrained in their  brains that they could do it in their sleeps.  And the same for the battery bounving up and down like jacks in the vox.  No excuse. And what in the **** is the drum major for?



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1 minute ago, Cadevilina Crown said:

To be fair, I started following DCI closely in 2012, the same year JD and the Rennicks started writing for SCV. After watching several videos from years past before that season began, I went in not being a huge fan of their 2005-2011 output (2009 notwithstanding).

Cool! Me too actually. I watched a little ESPN in the early 00s and new really only Cadets, Cavies, BD.  My friend took me to a show in 05...which I loved but BK was my favorite (no Bloo, Phantom, SCV at the show) and I had never been out of my timezone... thought it was cool buty husband (fiancee at the time) took me to finals in 2012 and the I became ADDICTED.

I really enjoy SCV 2014-present with a handful of homerun shows historically.

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