DCI Southwestern Championship (San Antonio) - Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Some very quick thoughts, I'll do a more extensive review when I get back Tuesday after seeing some shows a 2nd time in Mesquite up high.  For reference I was row 6 112, so blast zone right on the 50.

Friends, can we all agree that Blue Knights are just a joy to watch this season?

So now we have to have rings to have an opinion?  What a load of crap. 

1 minute ago, BAC Battery Super Fan said:

7 snares certainly helps with playing clean and scoring.

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It may help playing clean but exposure has to hurt  - 8 and 9 is harder to play clean than 7.

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Cavies= 2nd favorite show this summer! Couldn't love 'em more if I tried!:cheer:

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1 minute ago, Cappybara said:

Really hope they can push into 5th or maybe even 4th

I think they are more likely to get caught, than to catch somebody.  I doubt either will happen, though.

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HOLY SMOKES CAVS!  I have not really cared for them since Propaganda. This #$*@ is the REAL DEAL. Even without seeing SCV tonight, I would much rather see this show again. I also think it competitive for a higher spot. 

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