Hey __________, maybe do this. What is your advice for certain corps at this point?

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20 minutes ago, hostrauser said:

You were not an Academy member eligible to vote for the award. Shoo.

I am the Academy ( $1 to Sheev Palpatine for his "I am the Senate" line)

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Everyone: Tone down some of the body movement. It's gratuitous and can (and often does) distract from some really great musical moments. Sometimes less is more. If it must be done, then it's time to e

Everyone needs more contra

Everyone needs no synth doubling

14 hours ago, derbydawg said:

While I cannot pretend to know the stresses and time management involved in producing a show that is highly competitive in 2019, I do have enough time on the drum corps design and teaching clock to have some opinions as to what some corps need to do now in order to perhaps best elevate their shows knowing that such time for change, balanced with cleaning time, is now crucial. 

What is your advice for certain corps?

My offerings:

BD: Make prop movement and uniform change produced and not perfunctory. Year after year of you doing this has gotten old, frustrating. Could be seen as ego-driven and not at all artistic. 

SCV: Make the styles pop more, especially the funk/rock moments of your show. Add more moments that communicate emotion and not simply headiness and angst.

Bloo: Though nearly a seamless and super entertaining show, is there one more notch up at the end that uses some velocity and drive that makes a ring guaranteed? 

Boston: The ending is the crux for me. The Goliath character and his death comes across as silly, and not a highly produced moment. It is hard to get past.

Crown: Bravo. A brilliant show from top to bottom. Stellar, actually. Checks all the current boxes. Is there room to add something that represents an attempt to push the activity forward?

Cavies: A clever show, well performed, that seems to need more visual variety and a bit of push toward innovation.

BK: This is a stunner. Best since 2015. Fix the balance issues between Front ensemble, battery, and brass and history will be made. 

Cadets: Your drive is evident. The finesse and clarity of the show narrative is not. The new ending is better but not enough. "Do better" comes across as cliche and bando. 

PR: Clean, Clean, Clean. 

Crossmen: Your best offering in a long time. It is hard in 2019 to move up. Cleaning will help, especially on the percussion caption.

Mandarins: It's a good one. Your best showing ever. Moving up in 2019 is tough. The public hanging is in poor taste. Really poor taste. Comes across as an immature and shallow decision. 

Blue Stars: Keep fighting in critique that your are super unique and fresh, yet accessible in the activity. Clean, Clean, Clean. 

SOA: Cool show. Clean. Emote. Enjoy the experience. While making finals is possible, the overall summer experiences more important. 






Thanks for starting this thread. I often feel like the audience, including DCPers and others in the community have great ideas as to how to make some shows better. I think it easy to get close to a project and find it difficult to always be objective or even come up with the right solutions for things that aren't working. 

I agree with much of your list. I have seen most shows live and at risk of sounding cliche, it is yet again another year where the quality I indeed better than the previous year, with those not making finals being incredibly strong groups that would have made franks in many last years. 

The only corps having a year not as good as last year, competitively, are few. 

I would really like to see SCV take some risk and change more stuff than a team normally does at this point of the season. Back to back championships would be healthy for the activity IMO. Also hoping Bluecoats have something big up their sleeve that will push this brilliant show over the top.

Despite's what some seem to think, I find most corps to be very different from one another in style, approach, etc. The variety is awesome. I do wish that the entertainment value at the top stays approachable for most fans and not a minority.  I like heady, intellectual shows, but rarely want to see them over and over again. I think the activity will continue to gain more new fans if they can "get the show" for the most part in one viewing. 

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7 hours ago, tigger2 said:

I disagree with this sentiment. How well did not listening to outside advice work for the Cadets after a decade or more of dominance? Cavaliers? While a BD fan, I too grow tired of the rock back and forth go-to-body we have seen for five or six years, the numerous scatter transitions that are under produced, the over balance of the intellectual versus the emotional, re-using musical devices that are too similar to past year's, needing a detailed pamphlet to get the show arc. If you are a defensive BD fan, you won't agree that any of these things are negative but perhaps "signature" Devil-isms. While one could make that argument, such doesn't change the fact that others of us want to see the corps evolve more than it has. 

Good post and i can respect that. Appreciate your insight. 

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Cadets new ending??? Where???? Where?????:dancin:

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2 hours ago, OldSnareDrummer said:

I think Megan Rapinoe is overage. 

Thank M*&&%$ F*&^%$# god. 

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5 hours ago, exitmusic said:

How are you gonna play the "BD IS A VICTIM" card with a straight face?

Sadly my face looks like a funhouse mirror. But thanks for the compliment.

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