Go For Your Dream Or Face Reality and Give it Up?

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how about starting by working with a local hs band? you might find that meets your dream or sends you in a new direction -

Yes, you should face reality and give up now. Take your creative desires and learn how to sail, or crochet, or fly sailplanes or shoot skeet because music, and most particularly, today's drum and

I bet you can find a corps that would let you run through a chord progression and perhaps corps song in exchange for a donation of a certain amount. Also, the techs probably are not the ones cond

I think the idea of volunteering your services on a board of directors for a corps that someone mentioned is good. You can contribute your other skills, and they might let you help out in other areas as well, including getting on the field if it is not one of the big boys (I think they are less likely). I'm very sure if you volunteered for a board of directors, they would let you conduct something in warm up sometime. Then they are giving back to you in thanks for what you have given to the corps.


Also I want to say these tech jobs really do not pay much of anything. Do you want to be a band director full time? If you want to be a band director, the drastic steps in your OP are possible, b/c they lead to an end goal (I still think there are better ways to get your fix, but it is possible). Otherwise, you need to have something in your life that makes you enough money to buy groceries and afford a roof. "DCI tech" (or caption head) does not cover it. Think about how you can add it into the life you have built. (IMO)

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 “Never give up, never ever give up”. 

To be precise, it's "Never, Never, NEVER give up." -  Winston Churchill, to the British people when London was being pulverized by the seemingly invincible Luftwaffe. We all know the result.

Never means never. In your place, I would volunteer to help instruct the high brass rookies in a corps like the Columbus Saints, or one of the others in DCI or DCA Open classes. You are a little late to the party, but so what? They need the help, and if you really are a decent player, you can provide that at some level.

Trust me. Conducting a 20 person rookie horn line is just rewarding as waving your arms in front of a National Champion. I know. I have done both.

P.S. My degree is in History/Political Science


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