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IT matters NOT, what is said. The member corps rule DCI and today, there are more have-nots than haves. Nothing will change. And BK and BS taking over the Phantom and Cadets spots gives all hope they THEY can do it too.  No one will ever make a change to diversify the level and intention of the activity.

Gibbs and Hopkins were the two personalities that spoke openly of a different vision and both are gone or looking to be gone. 

Change is needed  but a long as DCI can break even, the corps accept that they will operate at a loss, and enough corps stay afloat, we will continue the current Indy based methodologies.

So G7 or G4 or Q18 ; it's not going to happen.





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Ahh...the good ol' G4 idea.

Perhaps its time for DCI to become an exhibition showcase for the marching elite. DCI can be FOUR corps running across the great landscape of America, wowing the wanna-be’s at their regional and commu

Sorry, I love the competition. Tomorrow I have a choice: the comfort of my sitting room watching San Antonio or going to Manchester, NH where it is predicted to be hotter than Texas. I’ll be choosing

The entire premise of this thread is baffling to me.  The competitive make-up at the top shifts all the time.  Sure, it's slow sometimes, however:

The Bluecoats are basically brand new to the Top 3 (relatively speaking).  Boston has come up from the very bottom to now sit in the Top 5 in VERY short order (3 years ago in 2016 they barely made finals!).  

A little further down, look at the ascendancy of Mandarins.  Frankly it wouldn't surprise me to see them keep climbing over the next few years.

It's fine.  There's no issue here.  The only truly consistent member of the Top 5 is BD.

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23 hours ago, DCIat14 said:

I think the underlying frustration I read in to the original post is that the same 4 corps stay at the top.  I don't think many would argue that the top 3 have been near impossible to break in to regardless of what is brought to the table by other corps.  However, winning begets winning by talent, support, staff, judging, etc.  The top soccer youth soccer teams usually remain that way due to the talent they attract.  The financial question is an interesting one - do we go back to divisions?  Do we change scoring to be more technical?  What about a bracket system?  I think there are some scores that leave people scratching their heads - regardless of the corps.  I think any competition is better than no competition!  Open class is a whole different beast!  

so the same 4 corps since 1972? or just the last few years?

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23 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

so the same 4 corps since 1972? or just the last few years?

I was referring to the original poster's comment, not my own statement - just a repeat.  Breathe Jeff, breathe 😉

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