DCI Southeastern Championship (Atlanta) - Saturday, July 27, 2019

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11 minutes ago, Rileydog said:

Good point. But why does it appear the target is always moving? If there was consistency in judging, wouldn’t scores move closer together over the years rather than being slotted in the same placement area year in and year out?

If I told you phantom would be in 12th, cadets in 9th, and Madison 17th  at the beginning of the year would you believe it? That's not slotting but judging to the sheets and what's on the field. 

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Thank you everybody for sharing this night with me.  There is nobody in my real life who has even heard of drum corps so I appreciate your responses and opinions.  Agree or disagree, I always fee

I would say Crossmen are getting hosed. They are easily better than Cadets right now.

Ran into this guy outside the stadium. Head intact posted from the DrumScorps app

10 minutes ago, scooter133 said:

DCI's recap says 13,700 - last year's recap says there was 15,000.

i thought the crowd was off

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18 minutes ago, noneofyourbusiness said:

The Security Nazis at MBS are chasing people away.  Too many body cavity searches just to see a drum corps show.

Were they Zombie Alien Nazis?  Cause we totally discussed that last night.

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6 hours ago, wvu80 said:

That would be one of my all-time favorites, Blue Devils 1988.  What a horn show they had!

Also the show I point to illustrate the visual impact that was lost with those dang gray and black uniforms in a large stadium.   They were phenomenal in small venues where you could see them up close and personal.

YESSSSS!!  I am surprised by all of the gray I am seeing this year.

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