DCI Southeastern Championship (Atlanta) - Saturday, July 27, 2019

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Thank you everybody for sharing this night with me.  There is nobody in my real life who has even heard of drum corps so I appreciate your responses and opinions.  Agree or disagree, I always fee

I would say Crossmen are getting hosed. They are easily better than Cadets right now.

Ran into this guy outside the stadium. Head intact posted from the DrumScorps app

Pacific Crest. Wow, color me blown away! I was completely engaged by this show. I've always found PC to be a bit "aw aren't they cute" but this show is intense and sophisticated. Oh, and the corps is strong. Sound great, march great, guard is better than I've ever seen from them. Well done.

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8 minutes ago, Musicman1084 said:

I know some people preach "live by the electronics, die by the electronics," but PC is showing us how much they can truly add to a show.  Yeah, it was unfortunate to not have them in the intro, but they were still able to perform a very full, engaging show up to the ballad without them. When they finally kicked back on halfway through the show, you can see how much they completely enhance and transform the sound landscape.  This is some fantastic and tasteful sound design.

Bluecoats 2015 was the same way. I remember seeing them live late in the season when their electronics didn't work until the third act, and it made their musicality stand out all the more, especially in the ballad.

Edit: Forgot that there was also the standstill Muncie show that made many of us on DCP take note of how well the show was written without the electronics.

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Watching the field and then then stadium screens. Assuming that's the Flo feed, you are only getting half the show. PC's LED triangles look awesome in person and completely washed out on the screen. Sigh!

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