Hattiesburg, MS - Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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I hate seeing it.  The kids are obviously talented and doing their all to sell this show, it just sucks that what they have is so so so weak.  In San Antonio on row 6 the kids blew me away, I just thi

Blue Stars 2.7 over Mandarins and 3.3 over the Cadets. First time for Mandarins to beat Cadets, ever.

Sad to watch- I feel terrible for the members who are talented and working very hard 

3 minutes ago, Cadevilina Crown said:

WOW Mandarins!!!

Just take a look at that GE score. That corps has a great group of designers moving them on the up and up 

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Mandarins beat The Cadets!


Hears the crowd went crazy for the Mandarins and the show rocked!!!

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There was speculation over in one of the Cadets forums that they're are reworking a lot of stuff post-SA.

Anyone here know if the Cadets lower (than Mandarins) GE and VI scores tonight were due to new changes that haven't "baked in" yet?

(But I certainly won't take anything away from my Mandarins! Great job, team!!!)

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Mandarins beating Cadets is huge. Is that a first for them?

And im amazed how quickly blue stars went from neck and neck with cadets to 3.3 up

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