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4 minutes ago, kbbandman said:

Thanks for that explanation (I hadn't thought of it that way) - if all that was done with the sub-frequencies is what you described, that would be different than actually covering up the tuba sounds.  These days, it is probably more of an issue on the streams than in-person problem, although I have heard a few shows live this year that had overpowering "goo" happening. Are you saying that none of the corps are doubling the tuba octave?  It sure seems like I am hearing some synth patches that are "boosting" the tuba - or is it just overtones?  I agree that it could be a topic unto itself. 

Novice here .. but as a tuba/baritone player in the day .. there are corps that had absolutely no low brass sound at all .. then whatever you want to call it started and suddenly everybody has a bottom. Seems coincidental. . 

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I am active duty in the Navy. Chief Petty Officer, 22 years and counting. So much pride seeing the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. This Chief has a tear in his eye. What an honor!!

Now that’s how it’s done! Most definitely the most entertaining and complete production this season. Outstanding! 

I would just like to say a special thank you to the Ledford High School marching band for being one of the rudest group of bandos to ever attend a drum corps show. Taking phone calls during Carolina C

14 minutes ago, Newseditor44 said:

I might not always agree with this guy online, but your #### right I’ll stand up and take a bullet for this guy any day of the week. Thanks for your service my man! 

Thank you brother! I really appreciate it. 

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1 hour ago, Spatzzz said:

Oh, I'm not riled up at all...just dropping some truth to the masses....LOL

Usually, when people comment “lol” at the end of their posts they ask not to be taken seriously and it makes the reader feel like they wasted their time reading. So which is it?

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1 hour ago, BWise said:


Preach ... I’m gonna stopwatch the amount of moving while playing is going on at the top of the heap next show. 

I did this for Bluecoats a few weeks ago and compared to their 1989 show. That was one impetus for CfIrwin to do his fascinating series of video analyses of old and new shows.

Bloo wil lhave added some move+play time with their new ending, I think.

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Taking the Field Post Show Block 2 with Jen Barton and Daniel Montoya Jr.

We have all criticized FLO for many things but have to give them Kudo's for the show analysts this year.

JEN BARTON is currently the color guard director at James F. Byrnes High School in Duncan, South Carolina. While this program has been Jen’s focus for eleven years, she has worked with numerous programs throughout her career, including  The Cast and Etude independent winter guards, Pacific Crest (2011-2013), and Spirit of Atlanta (2014-2015).

As a performer, Jen has appeared with Santa Clara Vanguard and Northeast Independent FL Winter Guard. She has also performed with the Florida State University Marching Chiefs, ad astra per ASPERA Winter Guard, and CrownGUARD.

Jen earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumental Music Education from The Florida State University in 2004, where she studied flute with Stephanie Jutt and Eva Amsler. She participated in Marching Chiefs, Concert and Symphonic Bands, Harmonie Chamber Ensemble, Tau Beta Sigma, Golden Key and Phi Eta Sigma honor societies.

Read Jen Barton's Bio Here:

Daniel Montoya Jr.

Daniel Montoya Jr. holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition from Texas State University and has completed graduate work at The University of Texas at Austin in Music Composition. As a percussionist, he has studied privately and participated in percussion master classes with Michael Burritt, Thomas Burritt, Tony Edwards, Genaro Gonzalez, Frank Shaffer, and Robert Van Sice. Additionally, he has studied privately and participated in composition master classes with Kevin Beavers, William Bolcolm, Kevin Puts, and Russell Riepe.

Read Daniel Montoya Bio Here:

For those that don't have FLO, here's their Post Show Analysis for block 2. This may be posted on youtube tomorrow.

1. Cavaliers show was incredible and WOW!
2. Head to Head between Boston and Crown spread opened up to 1.3 tonight.
3. Bigger story was Cavies leapfrogging over Boston.
4. Reliable Rhondo was guest announcer and he said "Cavaliers were electric tonight".
5. Grouping is so tight between Crown, Cavies and Boston, on any given night they can change places.
6. Acknoledgement of SCV's bullpen of solists last night and tonight. They are incredible performers. Special acknowlegement to (Trombone (Leo Garcia) and Sousaphone (Mathew Desconti) for their incredible performances. In one moment Leo is playing ticky passages on the trombone and in the next moment, he's playing above the normal range of a Euphonium. WOW.
7. Next highlights mentioned are Carolina Crowns pattern of detail in their movement, the transistion out of the ballad where the tone quality is mind blowing, the versatility of crowns uniforms to display the crown purple, the percussion writing and the CG performance. All were spectacular.
8. Recaps are up;
Bluecoats took General Effect over Blue Devils
Blue Devils took Visual over Bluecoats
Crown 1st in Music
9. There's so many strong components to every corps and the Contest Dynamics in the next 10 days are going to play a part in how the results pan out.

The corps are split up in Allentown so we won't see these corps together again till Championships.



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Ok so a couple of thoughts from this show having attended live:

Devils: wow they sound SO much better live!! That saber line is so fierce. Brass sounding MUCH improved- definitely deserved that brass score. Not sure why they’re scoring so low in analysis. Everything works it’s so artistic and beautiful.

Coats: This show is truly special. The ending still needs a little rework (dynamics please, it’s fortissimo for like 2 min straight). They know they’re marching easy drill but they do achieve! So fun.

SCV: their brass just hits you like a wall! Really love the new ending. Percussion is a thrill to watch and listen to. Guard is also very strong. So much energy tonight. 

Crown: okay so nobody else marches and plays as much or as well as crown. They re really moving this year it’s insane. I honestly don’t think their brass is as strong as the past but congrats on 1st in brass. The show is ehh. “ Beneath the surface,” but most of the time we just hear voice overs about movement 🧐

Cavies: my moms favorite show. That ballad is so luscious and full of tone and just beautiful sonorities. Music is definitely their strength and their front ensemble is awesome.

boston: LOVED IT! I think if you were to ask the audience what they’re favorite show was they’d say Boston. They had a great run! Guard is untouchable. I personally like cavies better but Boston and them are so close. Hornline is so rhythmically accurate it really generates a lot of effect IMO.0  

BK: honestly I thought they were sloppy tonight, especially visually. Musically liquid is their biggest selling point. It’s quite a bland show without much concept or color, or really much of anything interesting. Music again is their strength.

stars: If you’ve only seen this show on the live stream, then it’s hard to really appreciate this visual program of this show. Visual really drives the moments together. Great group, I noticed much more live than I could on flo. Guard is very skilled.

cadets: I actually like it, except the do better part (it’s so cringy). They had a really good run too I thought. Another corps that needs a design rework though. The maslanka was great - you can tell they love playing it. 


Phantom: definitely some design issues and gripes I can see, but it was an enjoyable and traditional show. Nothing too unique but I think it will carry them to 12th.

spirit: they have the talent but the visual program is lacking in content and achievement. Music has power buts it’s not clean - yet. The ballad uniform change is just bizarre. The beginning was strongly design and executed- the end not so much, back half felt like another corps. Their brass to synth balance was crazy off too.

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